berliner berliner  /bər ˈlɪ nər/


  • (n) an inhabitant of Berlin


  1. If Europe’s Economies Are To Recover, Germany Must Start The Lead

    N JUNE 1963 John Kennedy brought hope to a divided city at the frontline of the cold war with the words “Ich bin ein Berliner”. When Barack Obama visits Berlin next week, half a century later, he will find it a very different place. United, strong and rich, Germany is Europe’s hegemonic power.
    on June 16, 2013     Source: Business Insider

  2. Beer of the Weekend: Austin Beerworks Einhorn

    It's back. Austin Beerworks beloved Berliner Weisse returns this weekend just in time for the Austin Beer Guide release party at Billy's on Burnet. [ more › ]
    on June 15, 2013     Source: Austinist

  3. First Arnold Berliner Award presented to Mark Young

    ( Springer ) The recipient of the first Arnold Berliner Award is Dr. Mark Young (29) of the University of Edinburgh for his exceptional work on the sauropod dinosaur Diplodocus. The Arnold Berliner Award has been established in recognition of the founding editor of Springer's journal Naturwissenschaften -- The Science of Nature, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. The award will be ...
    on June 12, 2013     Source: EurekAlert!


  1. June of 1963 American president John F. Kennedy stood in front of his own version of the Last Frontier - nothing less than the Berlin Wall - and famously said: "Ich bin ein Berliner : All free men, wherever they may live, are citizens...
    on Jun 12, 2010 By: John F Kennedy Source: Sydney Morning Herald

  2. At the height of the Cold War in 1963 in Berlin, John Kennedy told the world: "As a free man, I take pride in the words 'Ich bin ein Berliner.'" In the dying days of the Cold War in 1987, Ronald Reagan told the leader of the Soviet Union:...
    on Jul 26, 2008 By: Angela Merkel Source: Winnipeg Free Press

  3. Announcing the relaunch last week, Rusbridger added: "The challenge is to remain true to our journalism ...... while finding a modern print format for a new generation of readers. We believe we have found it with the Berliner, which combines the...
    on Sep 3, 2005 By: Alan Rusbridger Source: Independent

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