benzine benzine  /ˈbɛn zin/


  • (n) a colorless liquid hydrocarbon; highly inflammable; carcinogenic; the simplest of the aromatic compounds



  • Then we all threw nitroglycerin bottles and benzine flashes and used machine pistols on the infantry.


  1. Outside the legislature, NDP Leader Brian Mason said it appeared the government thought it "could just sweep it under the rug." "Is (sewage) as bad as tonnes and tonnes of benzine? Probably not, but it's offensive and not acceptable."
    on Mar 12, 2009 By: Brian Mason Source: Calgary Herald

  2. "We have 61 homes in the area where people have experienced symptoms ranging from headaches to nausea, vomiting, kids passing out in classrooms, nosebleeds ...... Those are classic symptoms of benzine (poisoning). We've got to do something...
    on Apr 10, 2009 By: Charlie Angus Source: Toronto Star

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