benefitted benefitted  /ˈbɛ nə fɪ tɪd/


  1. (n) financial assistance in time of need
  2. (n) something that aids or promotes well-being
  3. (n) a performance to raise money for a charitable cause
  4. (v) derive a benefit from
  5. (v) be beneficial for



  • Along the way, Pritchard's own scholarship has benefitted from centuries' worth of tribal turtle knowledge.


  1. Porter completes Eagle Scout Project at Animal Shelter

    Benjamin Porter has always had a love for animals and wanted to do a project in an area that met the Eagle Scout requirements, benefitted the community and portrayed one of his life interests. During the summer, he volunteered at the Betty Bambrell Animal Shelter in Swainsboro and saw that some b
    on June 20, 2013     Source: The Swainsboro Forest-Blade

  2. Can You Spot The Animal Sounds Hiding In These Prints?

    We all know what a whale sounds like--but what does all that singing look like? Humans have five senses that we interpret in extremely specific ways--and not always the best way. Anyone who’s ever mixed music digitally has benefitted from the ability to see sound in waveforms, which can be a visual shorthand that’s far faster than listening to a clip again. Mark Fischer takes the principle of ...
    on June 20, 2013     Source: Fast Company Magazine


  1. "On behalf of the organization I would like to extend our sympathies to the Pollock family. His contributions to the Toronto Blue Jays were many," team president Paul Godfrey said in a statement. "The Blue Jays organization has benefitted...
    on Aug 15, 2007 By: Paul Godfrey Source: The Chronicle Journal

  2. "I agree that he (Robben) is a great footballer, he is very fast and nimble and takes very long strides which makes it difficult," said Tabarez. "With Robben back this side has benefitted greatly. Controlling the important players on the...
    on Jul 6, 2010 By: Oscar Tabarez Source: AFP

  3. "I understand the economic argument for the offshoring of production, but I think the practice is reprehensible," Dingell noted in an e-mail. "US automakers have benefitted greatly from federal largesse and should feel morally compelled to...
    on Jun 24, 2010 By: John Dingell Source: BusinessWeek

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