bellowing bellowing  /ˈbɛ loʊ ɪŋ/


  • (n) a very loud utterance (like the sound of an animal)


  1. She lacked the sheer vocal force to carry over Baum's bellowing and Warren's thunderous tones, but she matched the acting of the veteran cast with a touchingly natural performance.
  2. Masarweh heard an Israeli intelligence officer bellowing in Arabic through a megaphone from the street outside.
  3. By September 8, farmers were in a funk; the bellowing auctioneers were knocking down the tobacco at 14.


  1. Feel Naughty Like a Vampire With 'True Blood' Online

    HBO wants to "do bad things with you," just like the bellowing voice of country crooner Jace Everett sings in the True Blood theme song. How? The network is serving up a fresh dose of interactive online goodies for True Blood fans for season six, which premieres June 16 With an ominous "No One Lives Forever" promotional line, the new season appears to be an unfortunate one for the vampire ...
    on June 17, 2013     Source: Mashable

  2. Becoming Yeezus

    There's no denying that Kanye West has become synonymous with arrogance. Compared with his current, astronomical self-image, though, the Chicago-raised rap/fashion icon's musical beginnings were humble. People actually liked him because of that underdog status. Once upon a time (2004), "College Dropout" came out of nowhere. Progressively, Yeezy's bellowing ego has scorched the world, and with ...
    on June 17, 2013     Source: RedEye


  1. "We can still hear his voice bellowing through the Senate chamber, face reddened, fist pounding the podium, a veritable force of nature, in support of health care or workers' rights or civil rights," President Barack Obama said, in an emotional...
    on Aug 29, 2009 By: Barack Obama Source: Wall Street Journal

  2. "Every night I was stalked by two crocs who would sit at the bottom of the tree staring up at me," Mr George said. "All I could see was two sets of red eyes below me and all night I had to listen to a big bull croc bellowing a bit further...
    on Aug 13, 2007 By: David Lloyd George Source: Sydney Morning Herald

  3. Francis Maude, the shadow minister for the Cabinet Office, said: "I can't imagine anything worse than waking up to the sound of Gordon Brown bellowing statistics in your ear."
    on May 30, 2008 By: Francis Maude Source:

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