beget beget  /bɪ ˈɡɛt/


  • (v) make children


  • One has to be very careful while coding because one mistake begets another.


  • ‘The Conjuring’ Already Set Up With Sequel Plans

    New horror films often seem like a great way to beget a new franchise — there’s a rich tradition of horror film series, after all, and any company releasing horror into movie theaters is easily tempted by the sweet smell of franchise money. And so The Conjuring, which has been the benificiary of rave reviews [...]
    on July 17, 2013     Source: /Film


  1. Because, as Murrow said, "A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves."
    on Mar 24, 2006 By: Edward R Murrow Source: Tehelka

  2. "Aside from the chaos that would instantly be sown in the region, success there would beget success on many other fronts as the cancer metastasized further and more rapidly than it already has," said Gates.
    on Feb 10, 2008 By: Robert Gates Source: KNX1070

  3. Epitomizing the unprincipled political maneuvering at work in the Senate, Lott told Roll Call, "Good-faith efforts on one side beget good-faith efforts on the other side."
    on Oct 25, 2007 By: Trent Lott Source: World Socialist Web Site

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