beachcomber beachcomber  /ˈbitʃ ˌkoʊ mər/


  • (n) a vagrant living on a beach


  1. The next day a beachcomber found their broken bodies on the rocks at water's edge, some 150 ft.
  2. Li wades through the CD sea like a beachcomber, looking for favored titles.
  3. American Export Lines are preparing lowbudget, two-week beachcomber cruises to Caribbean ports on the Atlantic, for which the lines will install barbecue pits for outdoor cookouts.


  • OC Weekly warns about two women posing as food critics

    Kevin Roderick: Two "very drunk and rude women" claiming to be OC Weekly writers were spotted this week at Don the Beachcomber in Orange County. Editor Gustavo Arellano is not amused and advises any restaurants approached for freebies to be suspicious.
    on June 12, 2013     Source: LA Observed

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