bathyscaphe bathyscaphe


  • (n) navigable deep diving vessel for underwater exploration



  1. The bathyscaphe will carry enough oxygen to keep two men alive for more than 32 hours, and chemicals to absorb the carbon dioxide given off by their breathing.
  2. When the bathyscaphe surfaced, it was caught in a heavy ground swell and banged against the ship, and some of its equipment was wrecked.
  3. More than 35 years after the bathyscaphe Trieste took two men, for the first and last time, 35,800 ft.


  • "There was not a single vessel next to the bathyscaphe that would come to the rescue in case something went wrong," Khakamada told, an online news agency.
    on Aug 7, 2005 By: Irina Khakamada Source: San Francisco Chronicle

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