baffled baffled  /ˈbæ fəld/


  1. (n) people who are frustrated and perplexed
  2. (adj) perplexed by many conflicting situations or statements; filled with bewilderment


  1. Doctors at first were baffled.
  2. It's the kind of phenomenon that non Americans either laugh at or are baffled by.
  3. With a teacher for a mom and a physician's assistant for a dad, Matthew North had two experts on the case from birth, but his problems baffled them both.


  1. Here’s why Facebook’s investors find Facebook so baffling

    Judging by the questions at Facebook’s first annual shareholder meeting yesterday, its investors are unhappy with its stock price, frustrated with its features… and just baffled by Facebook generally. ...
    on June 12, 2013     Source: Quartz via Yahoo! Finance

  2. The State of IndyCar with Paul Tracy

    Former IndyCar driver Paul Tracy said he is impressed with the racing in the series this year, but with that in mind, is baffled as to why the series has not been able to get to the forefront of the community. Tracy won the 2003 CART title and has a total of 31 wins, 75 podiums and 25 pole positions to his credit in both CART and IndyCar. Tracy’s last IndyCar race was in 2011, and ... Keep reading
    on June 12, 2013     Source:

  3. Madonna baffled by disinterest

    Photo: Kienitz / GoodTimes/Retna Ltd. Funk icon Nile Rodgers left Madonna baffled during their time in the studio because he never tried to sleep with her.
    on June 10, 2013     Source: MSNBC


  1. "I'm not a very good hitter," said Myers, who became the first pitcher to get three hits in an NLCS game. "I just get lucky occasionally. I'm baffled by it. I would've rather pitched better."
    on Oct 10, 2008 By: Brett Myers Source: USA Today

  2. "I'm kind of baffled by it," Gordon said.
    on Mar 8, 2009 By: Jeff Gordon Source: New York Times

  3. "We leave as baffled as we arrived," Waterhouse said.
    on Mar 18, 2009 By: Gai Waterhouse Source: The Canberra Times

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