backcloth backcloth


  • (n) scenery hung at back of stage



  1. Wide-eyed, he wanders the playing area, tapping the boards with his heel, touching the backcloth bemusedly, imparting the stagestruck youth's romantic awe for the centuries of .
  2. But a gaggle of more than 70 camera-bearing whites crowded the honored guests off their chairs, knocked over the Communion wine, tore the altar backcloth, left empty Coca-Cola .
  3. He sees three generations of the Dumas dynasty as three different expressions of a single theme: "For a whole century they played out, against a backcloth of France, the .


  1. Chief executive Charles Dunstone said: "Against a difficult economic backcloth, we have delivered strong results and we have considerably strengthened both our market position and our financial position. We have also restructured the group, enabling...
    on Jun 5, 2009 By: Charles Dunstone Source: Mobile News

  2. Mr Nesbitt said he was only "a minor cog in a big wheel that has been trying to make progress against a backcloth of 30 years, even 40 years, of violence".
    on Dec 12, 2006 By: Dermot Nesbitt Source: BBC News

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