automata automata  /ɔ ˈtɑ mə tə/


  1. (n) someone who acts or responds in a mechanical or apathetic way
  2. (n) a mechanism that can move automatically



  1. Some of Wolfram's cellular automata made patterns that looked amazingly like those on seashells; others resembled snowflakes or leaves.
  2. The exhibition celebrates a long tradition of automata.
  3. Two automata strike at bells while other mummers, masked and mounted on wooden disks like toy soldiers, circle past.



  • In his prescient lecture, von Neumann pointed out that natural organisms "are, as a rule, much more complicated and subtle, and therefore much less well understood, in detail than are artificial automata"; nevertheless, he maintained that some...
    on May 18, 2005 By: John von Neumann Source:

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