authoritatively authoritatively  /ə ˌθɔ rə ˈteɪ tɪv li/


  • (adv) in an authoritative and magisterial manner


  1. Granted, I can't authoritatively swear that today's hard-core stinks.
  2. I can't speak authoritatively about buddhist practices elsewhere in Asia.


  • Bird Killers

    The August 22 cover story blurb on wind turbines (“They’re Over 300 Feet High. They Kill Birds. They’re Linked to Cancer. They’re Everywhere Out Here.”) authoritatively states that “they kill birds.”
    on August 28, 2013     Source: San Diego Reader


  1. Speaking at the UN session in New York after the vote, Miliband said: "The UN has served its purpose of speaking loudly and clearly and authoritatively and unequivocally. But we all have further responsibility. Responsibility for the parties on the...
    on Jan 9, 2009 By: David Miliband Source:

  2. "I know Jay is a very bright, dedicated person, public servant, who has taken on this responsibility on behalf of the Secretary of State," said McCormack. "He is not, however, somebody who speaks authoritatively about the six-party talks. His...
    on Jan 18, 2008 By: Sean McCormack Source: Voice of America

  3. "In our arguments, State would authoritatively pronounce what the international law was," Yoo wrote. "OLC usually responded 'Why?'--as in why do you believe that, why should we follow Europe's view of international law, why should we not fall...
    on Jun 26, 2008 By: John Yoo Source: The Public Record

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