ativan ativan


  • (n) tranquilizer (trade name Ativan) used to treat anxiety and tension and insomnia


  • Poppin' drugs like candy

    It seems as though lollipops are being replaced by “feel good” prescription medication at the doctor’s office these days. One simply says “I think I have anxiety” and the doctor starts listing out a range of drugs to choose from. Do you want Xanax? Klonopin? Ativan? The patient chooses, the doctor waves his magical pen over his magical paper, and—poof—your drugs are waiting for you at the local ...
    on August 23, 2013     Source: Technician


  1. It said Pou answered: "morphine and ativan."
    on Jul 18, 2006 By: Dr Anna Pou Source: WXii

  2. "I got in my car. I remember I was listening to Jeff Buckley doing Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah' and sat there and took a bunch of (anxiety drug) Ativan in a Best Buy parking lot," Wentz says. "And I called up my manager because I was, at that...
    on Mar 19, 2008 By: Pete Wentz Source: Contra Costa Times

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