asymptote asymptote  /ˈæ səm ˌtoʊt/


  • (n) a straight line that is the limiting value of a curve; can be considered as tangent at infinity


  1. A curve representing it would be a parabola approaching but never quite touching its asymptote.
  2. He hopes the Web will move the world closer to the divine asymptote.
  3. That's not a curve -- that's an asymptote!.


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    ReadWriteReflect offers a look back at major technology trends, products and companies of the past year. As the explosive trajectory of smartphones adoption approaches an asymptote , mobile apps are riding high. Once an unassuming term for a curious, smallish sort of phone program, the app is now king. It’s almost impossible to now imagine otherwise. In this mobile-first era, apps make headlines ...
    on December 30, 2013     Source: ReadWriteWeb

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