asterism asterism


  1. (n) (mineralogy) a star-shaped figure with six rays that is seen in some crystal structures under reflected or transmitted light
  2. (n) (astronomy) a cluster of stars (or a small constellation)


  • Their "asterism" comes from minute particles of some foreign matter (some authorities claim that it is empty space) arranged symmetrically throughout the crystal structure.


  • Observing Alert: Watch the Moon Cross the Hyades This Week

    A photogenic grouping greets evening sky watchers this week providing a fine teaser leading up to a spectacular eclipse. On the evening of Thursday, April 3rd headed into the morning of the 4th, the waxing crescent Moon crosses in front of the Hyades open star cluster. This is the V-shaped asterism that marks the head […]
    on March 31, 2014     Source: Universe Today

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