artificiality artificiality


  • (n) the quality of being produced by people and not occurring naturally


  1. But if I tell them to tone down the artificiality, they will go completely in the opposite direction and find the most dirty, wretched children they can, dressed in horrible rags.
  2. The working-out of the crime has the mannered artificiality of an Agatha Christie thriller, which seems surprisingly like Nabokov's own mannered artificiality.
  3. Exaggerating her accustomed appearance of chattering artificiality, she blew him a kiss and left Raona.


  • NG | This Column Will Change the Way You See Upworthy

    By KAI SAM NG No one tires from calling people out on hypocrisy and artificiality in political discussion. Politics holds genuineness as a deal breaker: Without it, nothing you believe matters. Con­des­cend­ing politics, if anything, is a hindrance to social reform, and people can sense arrogance from a mile away. […]
    on January 27, 2014     Source: The Cornell Daily Sun


  1. "Splenda's artificiality may present a marketing challenge, but that's not an excuse to confuse consumers and lead them to believe that Splenda is natural or in any way related to sugar," Jacobson said Monday in a statement.
    on Feb 14, 2005 By: Michael Jacobson Source:

  2. "We do not calibrate it (rupee) as a deliberate method. When there is any zoom (volatility) which is not natural...... whenever there is artificiality in it, obviously all governments will have to step in," Nath told reporters here.
    on Sep 17, 2008 By: Kamal Nath Source: Economic Times

  3. "You have to know what you're doing in order for the audience not to check out of the movie after that point," Haneke said. "You're basically making the viewer aware of his role as a viewer and the artificiality of the film they're watching,...
    on Mar 14, 2008 By: Michael Haneke Source:

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