armor-plated armor-plated


  • (adj) covered with heavy steel


  1. Today the most damning items are kept in armor-plated, fireproof cabinets, guarded day and night.
  2. Imagine if our President said tomorrow, I'm going to get rid of my armor-plated limousine and I'm going to have an armor-plated Ford Escape hybrid.
  3. The President packs a silver-plated derringer in his chest pocket and only leaves his office in an armor-plated Mercedes, using two others as decoys.


  • The Most Badass Truck in the US Army Is Straight Out of Thunderdome

    Keeping Afghanistan's roads free of improvised explosive devices is no easy feat when important routes are re-mined within hours of EOD teams clearing them. That's why US Army has deployed the Buffalo: a six-wheeled, 38-ton, armor-plated supertruck designed to demolish roadside bombs with abandon. The Buffalo, built by Force Protection, is classified as a mine-protected clearance vehicle (MPCV ...
    on June 21, 2013     Source: Jalopnik


  1. "I would not want any member of the military to be put in a dangerous situation ill-equipped," Thompson told the newspaper. "I have had similar complaints from military families about vehicles that weren't armor-plated, or bullet-proof vests...
    on Oct 15, 2004 By: Bennie Thompson Source: CBS News

  2. "It doesn't bother me," Lee said. "I'm going to get him out. I'm going to throw him sinkers in on his hands and jam him and make him run the ball off his armor-plated foot and armor-plated elbow and everything else. I'm going to pitch him...
    on Apr 23, 2006 By: Spaceman Lee Source: Marin Independent-Journal

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