armada armada  /ɑr ˈmɑ də/


  • (n) a large fleet


  1. Meeting resistance, the Chinese armada shells a walled town near Mogadishu in its first trip to the East African coast.
  2. ARMY NAVY Watchers on the mountains above happy Honolulu descried a blur, then some blotches, then a forest, then an armada on the cobalt southern horizon of Hawaii.
  3. At some point, the armada of devices we strap to our bodies like tools on Batman's belt will coalesce into a smaller number of multifunction devices.


  1. Armada Oil Provides Corporate Update

    Armada Oil, Inc. , an oil and gas exploration and production company, today provided a corporate update.
    on June 11, 2013     Source: Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance

  2. Armada Tigers’ tennis players honored

    The Armada High School tennis team gathered in a bushel-full of honors following its 2013 season.
    on June 6, 2013     Source: The Armada Times

  3. Armada in the swing for golf regionals

    The Armada golf team fully expected to be in contention for the Blue Water Area Conference title at season's end. But with Yale and Almont refusing to falter, the Tigers were kept from tasting first place.
    on June 6, 2013     Source: Times Herald


  1. "A middle-aged woman confronting being established as the queen, caught up in a holy war between Catholic Spain and Protestant England. The armada. The New World opening up, the unknown spirit of adventure. The fact that she's now become this iconic...
    on Oct 8, 2007 By: Geoffrey Rush Source: Washington Post

  2. "I think we have fielded our strongest team ever with this formation," Armstrong said Wednesday in a team news release. "It has many consistent elements from years past, like the Spanish Armada for the climbs, strong guys like George, Pavel...
    on Jun 22, 2005 By: Lance Armstrong Source: USA Today

  3. "With the introduction of the ARMADA line of processors, we see the wide variety of devices that Marvell's application processors can power," said Rob Enderle, Principal Analyst for the Enderle Group. "Before ARMADA, the ARM ecosystem was...
    on Jan 6, 2010 By: Rob Enderle Source: (press release)

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