apathetic apathetic  /ˌæ pə ˈθɛ tɪk/


  1. (adj) marked by a lack of interest
  2. (adj) showing little or no emotion or animation


  1. I may be part of the mildly apathetic global Gen X brigade, but like many an urban Turk, I was raised on a solid diet of modernist mantras.
  2. So I was apathetic about a Ford victory.
  3. Two days later he called me over and showed me that the dull and apathetic boy was eager and bright again.


  1. UFC 161: Predictions You Can Take to the Bank

    I can't remember a time when the fans and media have been so apathetic towards what is quite clearly a spectacular and close main event, at least in terms of the actual fighting that's scheduled to happen in the cage.  Maybe that's because the UFC 161 card is not what it once was, having been decimated by the kinds of injuries that often seem to crop up when fighters are required to go to Canada ...
    on June 11, 2013     Source: Bleacher Report

  2. Sean Parker's Wedding Lacked Permit, Leads to $2.5M Penalty

    In true apathetic billionaire fashion, when California regulators told Parker -- a co-founder of Napster and the first president of Facebook -- that he didn't have the permits to build a magical fantasy-land world in a Redwood forest, he ignored them and went ahead with it.
    on June 11, 2013     Source: FindLaw


  1. "They can go one or two ways," Joseph Bruno, commissioner of the New York City's Office of Emergency Management, says of the long-range predictions. "They can make people more apathetic than they already are about emergencies, or they can...
    on May 31, 2008 By: Joseph Bruno Source: Fort Worth Star Telegram

  2. "It's just a very apathetic market at the moment and I just think, post-the GFC, it doesn't take much of a setback to shatter the collective confidence of the market," Mr Wright said. "There's just not a lot happening. Even the Resource Super...
    on Jul 6, 2010 By: Peter Wright Source: Trading Room

  3. "They became apathetic in the morning then sad in the afternoon, and by night they could be dead," veterinarian Andrea Saucedo said. "We would just be trying to understand what was happening, when another [died]."
    on Jul 21, 2007 By: Andrea Source: ABC Online

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