antelope antelope  /ˈæn tə ˌloʊp/


  • (n) graceful Old World ruminant with long legs and horns directed upward and backward; includes gazelles; springboks; impalas; addax; gerenuks; blackbucks; dik-diks


  1. Only antelope in the world are found in Asia and Africa.
  2. Zebra and topi antelope graze under acacia.
  3. One involves a campaign to end the slaughter of chiru, antelope whose fur is used in the production of shahtoosh shawls.


  1. Farmers Markets: In Lancaster, uncertified but top quality

    The Antelope Valley Winery market forgoes the certification process but is the best in its area, with fresh local produce and more. At many Southern California certified farmers markets, the vendors may comply with agricultural regulations but still offer only mediocre produce and may never have actually set foot on a farm. Paradoxically, the Antelope Valley Winery farmers market in Lancaster is ...
    on June 14, 2013     Source: Los Angeles Times

  2. Topeka Zoo's only pronghorn antelope dies

    George, the aging pronghorn antelope that was the Topeka Zoo's only animal of that species, was euthanized Wednesday evening after experiencing neurologic problems, the city announced Friday.
    on June 14, 2013     Source: The Topeka Capital-Journal

  3. Antelope Meadows Preschool Combo Camp: 1

    For children who are current Antelope Meadows Preschool participants. For children who are current Antelope Meadows Preschool participants.
    on June 11, 2013     Source: WPXI Pittsburgh

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  1. "When the lion is chasing the antelope, he doesn't look back. He has to eat," Cheruiyot said. "So when I run, I don't stare at my time."
    on Apr 16, 2007 By: Robert Cheruiyot Source: International Herald Tribune

  2. "To participate in the One Shot Antelope Hunt is really a tremendous deal for us in hunting, but also for the state of Wyoming," said Duncan, who ranks 85th on Forbes' billionaires, worth more than $8 billion.
    on Sep 22, 2007 By: Dan Duncan Source: Forbes

  3. "After I missed, of course I saw lots of antelope," Freudenthal said. "There wasn't any wind, so the antelope were out. ...... It was a picture perfect fall day."
    on Sep 22, 2008 By: Dave Freudenthal Source: FOXNews

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