anosmia anosmia


  • (n) absence of the sense of smell (as by damage to olfactory nasal tissue or the olfactory nerve or by obstruction of the nasal passages)

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  • Audio-Digest Foundation Announces the Release of Otolaryngology Volume 46, Issue 12: Anosmia

    Donald A. Leopold, MD, Professor, Division of Otolaryngology, Department of Surgery, University of Vermont College of Medicine, Burlington, presented on Cleaning the Air: Can We Treat Anosmia? R. Peter Manes, MD, Assistant Professor, Otolaryngology, Department of Surgery, Yale University, School of Medicine, New Haven, CT, presented on Chronic Rhinosinusitis and Anosmia, and Boris Paskhover, MD ...
    on October 3, 2013     Source: PRWeb

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