annular annular  /ˈæn jə lər/


  • (adj) shaped like a ring


  1. A boy watches the annular solar eclipse in Arguzelo near the Portuguese northern city of Braganca.
  2. On April 7 there will be an annular eclipse of the sun.
  3. On the day before Christmas, an annular eclipse will occur over South America.


  • Occultations are nothing to fear

    When a celestial object passes in front of another, we think of events like solar eclipses, for example, the annular solar eclipse that crossed central New Mexico more than a year ago, or the total solar eclipse that will cross much of the central U.
    on June 7, 2013     Source: Alamogordo Daily News


  1. Dyson described in its press release: "Air is drawn into the base of the machine. The air is forced up into the loop amplifier and accelerated through the 1.3mm annular aperture, creating a jet of air that hugs the airfoil-shaped ramp. While exiting...
    on Oct 14, 2009 By: James Dyson Source: Tom's Guide

  2. One of the scientists, Williams College professor of astronomy Jay Pasachoff, writes: "This annular eclipse is particularly long, with 10 minutes and 9 seconds of annularity where I am going:.It will be the longest central eclipse I have ever seen....
    on Jan 15, 2010 By: Jay Pasachoff Source: Wall Street Journal (blog)

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