angioplasty angioplasty  /ˈæn dʒi ə ˌplæ sti/


  • (n) an operation to repair a damaged blood vessel or unblock a coronary artery


  1. In the age of angioplasty and Lipitor, even the heart has lost much of its metaphorical power, at least in the medical context.
  2. New evidence cites angioplasty as the better way to treat heart attacks.
  3. And arteries opened by angioplasty sometimes become partly blocked again within three to six months.


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  1. "Stephen underwent a heart procedure called angioplasty," Mr Beattie said. "He is recovering well and due to go home today which is really great news." "Doctors have advised Stephen to take some weeks to fully recover from the...
    on Feb 20, 2007 By: Peter Beattie Source: Media Newswire (press release)

  2. "Revascularization, with angioplasty or bypass surgery, carries risk of heart muscle damage, measured in the study by troponin release," said Dr. Henry Purcell, of the Royal Brompton Hospital in London, and co-author of an accompanying editorial...
    on Aug 17, 2007 By: Henry Purcell Source: U.S. News & World Report

  3. "The TAH will be of great help to patients whose heart muscles have become so weak that they need immediate transplantation. Angioplasty, stents and even bypass surgery are of no use for such patients because they cannot strengthen muscles. It is...
    on Mar 18, 2009 By: Sujoy Guha Source: Times of India

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