anatomize anatomize


  1. (v) dissect in order to analyze
  2. (v) analyze down to the smallest detail


  1. Cinema, eternal celebrant of the stupid-funny car crash, is the ideal medium to anatomize America's fetishizing of the automobile.
  2. We came expecting an upscale approach that would anatomize the tawdry headlines and view the sordid spectacle from a remote, ironic height.
  3. Rabbit was a vulgar, crass, lusty, middle-class salesman whom Updike used to anatomize and dramatize the great American spiritual and cultural crises.


  • The Cut’s Week in Review: From Beyoncé Workouts to Colleague Zoning

    This week, the Cut's pursuit of female-centric topics led writers to consider consciously uncoupling, to defend a color, and to anatomize ugly crying. 1. Where can you pop, lock, twerk, booty-travel, and surfbort for exercise? At the Beyoncé exercise class, of course. Kathleen Hou reports.  2. Why was no one paying any attention ... More »        
    on March 29, 2014     Source: New York Magazine

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