anaphylactic anaphylactic


  • (adj) related to the hypersensitivity known as anaphylaxis


  1. The injection counteracts anaphylactic shock, a potentially deadly allergic reaction that results in closed airways and can be triggered by mere contact with a nut-based product.
  2. Fradin, a former publicist in Los Angeles, worried that her son would eat cereal he shouldn't and go into anaphylactic shock.
  3. In 1936, some 20 people in New England alone were stung, developed anaphylactic shock, died.


  1. Rescue dog rescues owner

    A little over three months after being rescued from the Fluvanna County SPCA, Chilly, a pit bull mix, saved her owner, Heidi Parker, from anaphylactic shock.
    on June 27, 2013     Source: The Central Virginian

  2. Bee attack sends Tampa man to hospital

    Thomas O'Berry says he is lucky he didn't die.  He was outside while someone working on his lawn disturbed a bee hive.  The bee attack sent him into anaphylactic shock and into the hospital for six days, the first two in a coma.
    on June 27, 2013     Source: ABC Action News Tampa Bay


  1. "We came very, very close to a depression ...... The markets were in anaphylactic shock," Bernanke told Time. "I'm not happy with where we are, but it's a lot better than where we could be."
    on Dec 16, 2009 By: Ben Bernanke Source:

  2. "Ideally, the FDA should have exterminated these critter-based colorings altogether. The only way people can determine that they are sensitive to them is to suffer repeated reactions, including potentially life-threatening anaphylactic...
    on Jan 9, 2009 By: Michael Jacobson Source: Scientific American

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