anaemia anaemia


  1. (n) a lack of vitality
  2. (n) a deficiency of red blood cells



  1. In fact, I was threatened with pernicious anaemia.
  2. He was forced to move from one health resort to another in his plucky fight against anaemia.



  1. "People are dying of starvation. The effects of malnutrition have made worker communities vulnerable to anaemia, tuberculosis, anthrax and severe dysentery," Chakraborty said.
    on Jun 3, 2008 By: Chakraborty Source: (blog)

  2. "Food must remain a priority, of course, including nutritional supplements for pregnant and lactating women who have already been weakened by malnourishment and anaemia," Ms. Obaid said. "But this outbreak highlights the urgency of greater...
    on Aug 11, 2004 By: Thoraya Obaid Source: UN News Centre

  3. To this, Ramadoss replied: "We have decided to conduct frequent surveys to see how effective the programmes are. We want to make an anaemia-free society."
    on Mar 6, 2008 By: Anbumani Ramadoss Source: Times of India

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