air-filled air-filled


  • (adj) full of air


  1. A typical wine cork contains millions of air-filled cells, but because every cork is different, some winemakers think they cause inconsistent aging of the wine.
  2. Now appearing along American highways are giant, air-filled, three-dimensional billboards.
  3. Instead of steel springs, the Brougham floats over the bumps on air-filled rubber cushions.


  • Hollow-Core Optical Fiber suits high precision gyroscopes.

    Employing air-filled core surrounded by glass webbing, Hollow-Core Fiber allows light to propagate through free space rather than solid glass core. Radiation hardened fiber can be bent and coiled to tight bend radius while guiding light. Single-spatial-mode forces light to take only single path, enabling high bandwidth and low noise. Orientation of light waves is fixed in fiber, which is ...
    on July 31, 2013     Source: ThomasNet

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