agonistic agonistic


  1. (adj) of or relating to the athletic contests held in ancient Greece
  2. (adj) striving to overcome in argument
  3. (adj) struggling for effect


Derived Word(s)


  1. In the pre-pollution era, agonistic Teddy Roosevelt would no doubt have Australian-crawled to the wooded island in the Potomac that now bears his name.
  2. Or at best it is the remark of someone who simply does not understand the agonistic struggle that is an integral part of the competitive sports experience.
  3. No longer do the words contemporary music mean two hours of agonistic screaming and clangorous orchestral Klangfarbenmelodie.


  • "The atmosphere of the team and in the dressing room was different, there wasn't that agonistic push which is normal for a final and this was evident in the first half," commented Berlusconi to the microphones of Rai at the end of the game....
    on Sep 1, 2007 By: Silvio Berlusconi Source:

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