addenda addenda


  • (n) textual matter that is added onto a publication; usually at the end



  1. It proved to be one of the most provocative articles the magazine has ever run, and for months the arguments and addenda kept coming in from concerned readers.
  2. The cynical have more colorful addenda.
  3. Christianity is not addenda to one's life, but rather the basis of it.


  • Book Reviews

    London: Bristol Classical Press / Dulles, Va.: International Publishers' Marketing, 2003. Pp. xx, 218. Addenda, notes, index. $24.95 paper. ISBN: 1853996270.
    on January 29, 2014     Source: Strategy Page


  • In a news release, Salazar added: "Taxpayers deserve answers to serious questions about why these lease addenda were granted at the 11th hour, under what circumstances, and at what potential expense to the federal treasury."
    on Oct 21, 2009 By: Ken Salazar Source: Los Angeles Times

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