add up add up


  1. (v) develop into
  2. (v) determine the sum of
  3. (v) add up in number or quantity
  4. (v) be reasonable or logical or comprehensible


  1. One way to find out is to weigh the cosmosto add up all the stars and all the galaxies, calculate their gravity and compare that with the expansion rate of the universe.
  2. But these little expenses all add up.
  3. These add up to what you could call the stock Democratic response to tough times.


  1. Poor Math Skills Make a Mortgage Default More Likely

    Researchers investigating the trigger for the 2008 mortgage meltdown have found some borrowers’ math just doesn’t add up. Unprecedented numbers of American subprime mortgage holders began defaulting on their loans in 2006, precipitating two years later the most severe global recession since The Great Depression. Pundits have offered numerous theories about what started the mortgage mayhem, but ...
    on June 25, 2013     Source: Discover

  2. Cal financing plan downed by the count?

    Two plus two didn't always add up to four when Cal counted how many premium seats had been sold.
    on June 24, 2013     Source: San Jose Mercury News

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