abject abject  /ˈæb dʒɛkt/


  1. (adj) of the most contemptible kind
  2. (adj) most unfortunate or miserable
  3. (adj) showing utter resignation or hopelessness
  4. (adj) showing humiliation or submissiveness


  1. Even more abject was her husband Alejandro Bendana, 47, a onetime Harvard University lecturer and widely published left-wing author who was one of Ortega's most loyal lieutenants.
  2. At its best it perfectly expresses the fears and loathings of kids who came of age in the late '60's; at its worst Animal House revels in abject silliness.
  3. One hundred lean, abject, starving men women filed slowly into Berlin's City Hall one day last week.


  1. Now, the NCAA can't even spell "College"

    This is the best kind of spelling error. There’s no point even expounding on how much the NCAA is struggling these days. Their enforcement mechanisms are ineffective, the attempted recruiting deregulations were an abject failure, and pretty much everybody seems to hate president Mark Emmert.
    on June 16, 2013     Source: Sports Illustrated

  2. Style Issues Girls Care About Far More Than We Do

    Credit: Chris Clinton/Getty Images The toughest thing about having a girlfriend is constantly being made aware of all your fashion and grooming deficiencies. In her eyes, you're an abject slob who desperately needs a new wardrobe and a new look. Fact is, women care far more about the stupid little things than you ever will. [...]
    on June 12, 2013     Source: MTV


  1. Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary general, said: "Words cannot express my sense of shock, outrage and anger at the terrorist attack. This was an abject, cowardly strike against civilian officials serving humanity's highest ideals under the UN banner:...
    on Dec 11, 2007 By: Ban Ki-moon Source: Independent

  2. "I am truly mystified by some of your actions -- and your inaction -- in the face of the abject failure of the current management team to deliver value to shareholders," Ichan wrote, according to the report.
    on Jun 11, 2010 By: Carl Icahn Source: SmarTrend News

  3. "A mere election does not change the abject conditions for African-Americans or the 230-plus years of racial injustice," Morial said.
    on Nov 24, 2008 By: Marc Morial Source: International Herald Tribune

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