abhorrent abhorrent  /æb ˈhɔ rənt/


  • (adj) offensive to the mind



  1. Had the word processor been invented in his lifetime, he would almost certainly have found it abhorrent.
  2. They're obnoxious and abhorrent to my personal philosophy.
  3. In truth, Tiller was practicing a form of medicine most Americans find abhorrent.



  1. "It is totally abhorrent for the president of Iran to call for Israel to be wiped from the map of the world," Brown said. "The UK will continue to lead - with the US and our EU partners - in our determination to prevent an Iranian nuclear...
    on Jul 21, 2008 By: Gordon Brown Source: International Herald Tribune

  2. "I must reiterate that the use of force against peaceful demonstrators is abhorrent and unacceptable," Ban said.
    on Oct 5, 2007 By: Ban Ki-moon Source: Guardian Unlimited

  3. "President Ahmadinejad's repeated denials of the Holocaust are abhorrent as well as ignorant," UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband said in a statement. "It is very important that the world community stands up against this tide of abuse."
    on Sep 18, 2009 By: David Miliband Source: Bloomberg

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