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About zero-sum gain vs zero-sum game

The concept of a zero-sum game was developed first in game theory: what one side gains the other loses. When applied to economics it is often contrasted with a “win-win” situation in which both sides can make gains without anyone losing. People who are unaware of the phrase’s origins often mistakenly substitute “gain” for “game.”

zero-sum game Meaning(s)

  • (n) a game in which the total of all the gains and losses is zero

zero-sum game in News

  1. Signing Vonta Leach wouldn’t jeopardize Greg Jones

    Yesterday I noted some of the complications associated with the Texans potentially signing fullback Vonta Leach, including recently-signed fullback Greg Jones. As it turns out, this isn’t a zero-sum game. If the Texans sign Vonta Leach, their plan is to keep Greg Jones, who signed a $1 million deal in free agency. To come here, Leach would likely have to take a minimum deal, or something close ...
    on June 13, 2013 Source: Houston Chronicle

  2. Budget standoff may shine light on city spending

    The budget dispute between Mayor Teresa Tomlinson and the city's public safety establishment is starting to look like a zero-sum game.
    on June 13, 2013 Source: Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

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