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About prodigy vs progeny vs protÉgÉ

Your progeny are your kids, though it would be pretty pretentious to refer to them as such. If your child is a brilliantly outstanding person he or she may be a child prodigy. In fact, anything amazingly admirable can be a prodigy. But a person that you take under your wing in order to help promote his or her career is your protégé.Avoid misspelling or mispronouncing “prodigy” as “progidy.”

prodigy Meaning(s)

  • (n) an unusually gifted or intelligent (young) person; someone whose talents excite wonder and admiration
  • (n) a sign of something about to happen
  • (n) an impressive or wonderful example of a particular quality

progeny Meaning(s)

  • (n) the immediate descendants of a person

protÉgÉ Meaning(s)

  • (n) a person who receives support and protection from an influential patron who furthers the protege's career

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    Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s new musical ride is a career highlight for the onetime guitar prodigy from Shreveport, La.
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    Don't miss Mac, Prodigy and Alchemist on Wednesday at 4 p.m. ET on MTV Jams and
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    Child prodigy pianist turned Vegas best all around performer Frankie Moreno talks about being the headliner at Stratosphere. …
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progeny in News

  1. The Ann clan endures among classic girls' names

    Few names have given birth to as many variations as Ann, the simplest of the classic girls' names. But while others like Margaret and Elizabeth have spawned near-unrecognizable progeny -- from Bessie to Peggy -- most of the Ann derivatives have stayed close to their mother name.
    on June 13, 2013 Source: Erie Times-News

  2. Location Service Deployment May Constrain 902-928 MHz Amateur Use

    Jun 11, 2013 — A portion of the 902-928 MHz (33 centimeter) band may become less useful to radio amateurs in urban areas as a result of an FCC Order . The FCC has given Progeny LMS, LLC consent to begin commercial operation of its multilateration location and monitoring service (M-LMS) in the upper portion of the band.
    on June 12, 2013 Source: ARRL Amateur Radio News

  3. Scotland's moonwalking pony in 'paternity battle'

    LERWICK, Scotland, June 10 (UPI) -- The owner of Scotland's famous moonwalking Shetland pony said the animal is engaged in a "paternity battle" to see if a foal is his progeny.
    on June 11, 2013 Source: UPI

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