percipitation vs precipitation : Common Errors in English

About percipitation vs precipitation

Rain, snow, hail, etc. are all forms of precipitation. This word isoften misspelled and mispronounced as “percipitation.”

precipitation Meaning(s)

  • (n) the quantity of water falling to earth at a specific place within a specified period of time
  • (n) the process of forming a chemical precipitate
  • (n) the falling to earth of any form of water (rain or snow or hail or sleet or mist)
  • (n) the act of casting down or falling headlong from a height
  • (n) an unexpected acceleration or hastening
  • (n) overly eager speed (and possible carelessness)

precipitation in News

  1. A wet May and spring for Illinois

    CHAMPAIGN – The statewide precipitation for May was 6.87 inches, 2.25 inches above the long-term average, and the 12th wettest May on record, according to Jim Angel, Illinois State Climatologist at the Prairie Research Institute, University of Illinois.
    on June 14, 2013 Source: The Mendota Reporter

  2. Cards' Wainwright first to 10 wins in majors

    NEW YORK -- The word uttered most often when inclement weather threatens a Major League Baseball game is window -- as in, how long a precipitation-free window do the teams have to play the game?
    on June 14, 2013 Source: The SportsXchange via Yahoo! Sports

  3. Weather Talk: Precipitation sets record for January through May

    The January-through-May official precipitation total of 12.90 inches for Fargo-Moorhead this year is the most ever recorded over those five months (dating back to 1881). Fargo-Moorhead is one good storm away from exceeding the 12-month total of 14.52 inches.
    on June 13, 2013 Source: The Fargo Forum

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