miniscule vs minuscule : Common Errors in English

About miniscule vs minuscule

The preferred spelling is “minuscule.”

miniscule Meaning(s)

  • (s) very small

minuscule Meaning(s)

  • (s) very small
  • (s) lowercase
  • (n) the characters that were once kept in bottom half of a compositor's type case
  • (n) a small cursive script developed from uncial between the 7th and 9th centuries and used in medieval manuscripts
  • (a) of or relating to a small cursive script developed from uncial; 7th to 9th centuries

miniscule in News

  1. In April, euro zone factories were surprisingly busier, thanks to…France

    Euro zone industrial output picked up 0.4% in April, compared with March (pdf). Sure, that seems miniscule. But this is the euro zone we’re talking about, so we count everything. Plus, this upturn surprised ...
    on June 12, 2013 Source: Quartz via Yahoo! Finance

  2. Legg’s assets under management improve

    &via=&related=DolcePixel" Legg Mason Inc. said total assets under management at the end of May 2013 were $654.3 billion, or nearly 4.3 percent higher than the $627.4 billion that the Baltimore-based global asset management firm reported in May 2012. The May 2013 total was a miniscule 0.168 percent lower than the previous month’s total of $655.4 billion. [...] &via=&related=DolcePixel"
    on June 12, 2013 Source: The Daily Record

  3. Metabolic PET imaging provides earlier warning of coronary disease

    Coronary artery disease is one of the world's most prevalent and silent killers. Positron emission tomography, which images miniscule abnormalities in cellular metabolism, can tip off clinicians about cardiac disasters waiting to happen -- including sudden death from a heart attack -- better than standard angiography, researchers revealed at the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging ...
    on June 11, 2013 Source: EurekAlert!

minuscule in News

  • Stanley Cup Playoffs 2013: Key Players Who Will Decide Bruins vs. Blackhawks

    The Boston Bruins and Chicago Blackhawks have a lot in common. Both teams were forced to survive a seven-game series during their Stanley Cup playoff run, and each could make a very strong case as to why they should be the favorite in the finals. Since the teams are so evenly matched, the margin for error is minuscule. Small swings in momentum and a couple lucky bounces are going to have a major ...
    on June 13, 2013 Source: Bleacher Report

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