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“LCD” stands for “liquid crystal display,” so some argue it is redundant to write “LCD display” and argue you should use just “LCD” or “LCD screen” instead. But some in the industry argue that “LCD display” is the generic term for the category which comprises both LCD screens and LCD projectors. However, if you want to avoid the redundancy in wording you can still refer more precisely to your laptop or TV as having an LCD screen.Many people confuse this abbreviation with “LED,” which stands for “light-emitting diode”—a much earlier technology. You will often see explanations even in technical contexts in which “LCD” is incorrectly defined as “liquid crystal diode.” And it is misleading to call an LCD television screen which has LED backlighting an “LED screen.”

lcd Meaning(s)

  • (n) a digital display that uses liquid crystal cells that change reflectivity in an applied electric field; used for portable computer displays and watches etc.

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    Today at InfoComm 2013, Planar Systems, Inc. , a global leader in digital display technology, unveiled the Planar® PS5580, a narrow bezel LCD video wall display aimed
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    Cutting edge research may extend LCD technology beyond its physical limits, and it's all being done by a New Mexico State University mathematician, not a chemist. Promote to Mobile read more
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