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Often common two-word phrases are smooshed into a single word (“anymore,” “alot,” “everytime,” “incase,” “infact”). Here’s an example where some people err in the other direction. When something survives undamaged, whole, it is not “in tact” but “intact”—one word, unbroken.

intact Meaning(s)

  • (s) constituting the undiminished entirety; lacking nothing essential especially not damaged
  • (s) (of a woman) having the hymen unbroken
  • (s) (used of domestic animals) sexually competent
  • (s) undamaged in any way

in tact in News

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    The Spurs led by as many as 11 in the first half of Game 3, but the Heat tied the game late in the second half. Then Tony Parker made a 3-pointer, LeBron missed a shot, and Miami got ready for halftime. San Antonio, with its long-held lead back in tact, could have been satisfied,…
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  2. York School Board Votes To “Keep District Intact”

    The York City School Board voted unanimously this evening to keep the district in tact rather than go 100% chartered. York School Board President, Margie Orr, says the board is all on the same page with moving the district forward.…
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intact in News

  1. Park officials: Royal Gorge Bridge intact, animals safe

    The Royal Gorge Fire continues to burn south of the Royal Gorge Bridge, but there finally may be a spark of some welcomed good news. The Royal Gorge Bridge and Park reports that the bridge is standing and intact.
    on June 13, 2013 Source: Canon City Daily Record

  2. Royal Gorge Bridge and Park damaged but still intact

    With current fire containment for the #RoyalGorgeFire reported to still be at zero, Royal Gorge Bridge and Park would like to update everyone that at the present time the Bridge is reported to be standing and intact.
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    This Stock's Long-Term Outlook Is Still Intact        
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