excrable vs execrable : Common Errors in English

About excrable vs execrable

When you execrate (detest) something, you find it execrable. The second syllable is not often clearly pronounced, but that’s no excuse for leaving it out when you spell the word.

execrable Meaning(s)

  • (s) of very poor quality or condition
  • (s) unequivocally detestable
  • (s) deserving a curse

execrable in News

  1. Bruce Willis’s inept action comedy “Red 2” ready to be put to rest

    Though it promises to be a lighthearted romp about active senior living, the AARP spy flick “RED 2” winds up being more like a subversive plea for the relative joys of death: How bad could the boneyard be compared to sitting through this execrable piece of non-entertainment? Better dead than...
    on July 19, 2013 Source: New York Post

  2. This Fan Caught Four Foul Balls In One Game

    The best part about this is that Greg Van Niel is not a ballhawk , that execrable subspecies who attend games solely for the purpose of collecting baseballs. Van Niel's just a regular fan, who happened to be sitting in the exact right spot to get four foul balls yesterday, all by the fifth inning. Van Niel is a season ticket holder, yet yesterday was the first foul ball he had ever caught at an ...
    on July 15, 2013 Source: Deadspin

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