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About dove vs dived

Although “dove” is a common form of the past tense of “dive,” a fewauthorities consider “dived” preferable in formal writing.

dove Meaning(s)

  • (n) a cheap disreputable nightclub or dance hall
  • (n) a headlong plunge into water
  • (n) a steep nose-down descent by an aircraft
  • (v) drop steeply
  • (v) plunge into water
  • (v) swim under water
  • (n) any of numerous small pigeons
  • (n) someone who prefers negotiations to armed conflict in the conduct of foreign relations
  • (n) a constellation in the southern hemisphere near Puppis and Caelum
  • (n) flesh of a pigeon suitable for roasting or braising; flesh of a dove (young squab) may be broiled
  • (n) an emblem of peace

dove in News

  1. Dad Paralyzed Rescuing Girl Receives Money in Support

    An outpouring of financial and emotional support is coming to a Georgia dad who was paralyzed when he dove head-first into a creek to save a 4-year-old girl who was drowning in a lake last week. Mike Patterson, 40, was at the Rockmart Dam in...        
    on June 14, 2013 Source: ABC News

  2. Survey will explore dove hunter opinions

    The National Dove Hunter Survey — a cooperative effort by the state fish and wildlife agencies, all four flyway councils and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service — will ask dove hunters from across the United States to share their experiences and opinions about dove hunting.
    on June 13, 2013 Source: The Times and Democrat

  3. Nebraska dove hunters sought for national survey

    LINCOLN — Some Nebraska dove hunters will be asked to participate in a national survey to help state and federal agencies make better-informed decisions.
    on June 12, 2013 Source: York News-Times

dived in News

  1. Mike Patterson: Friends Start Fundraiser For Uninsured Man Paralyzed While Rescuing Girl

    Mike Patterson was paralyzed when he dived head-first into creek to save a 4-year-old girl being pulled under, and now his friends are trying to give back with an online fundraiser. Patterson, who had just started a job as a contractor and had no health insurance, was spending time with his 9-year-old son at the [...] Mike Patterson: Friends Start Fundraiser For Uninsured Man Paralyzed While ...
    on June 14, 2013 Source: The Inquisitr

  2. Japan Stocks Plunge Into Bear-Market Territory

    Japan's benchmark stock-market index nose dived more than 6% into bear-market territory as traders fretted about a potential slowing of central bank easing. 
    on June 13, 2013 Source: FOX Business

  3. Toxicology report reveals drugs in student who dived from East College Avenue apartment window

    Drugs were found in the system of the former Penn State student who "intentionally" dived out of a University Gateway apartment complex window in April following a toxicology report, Centre County Coroner Scott Sayers said.
    on June 12, 2013 Source: Penn State Collegian

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