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Paradoxically, the one-word form implies separation while the two-wordform implies union. Feuding roommates decide to live apart. Their timetogether may be a part of their life they will remember with somebitterness.

apart Meaning(s)

  • (s) remote and separate physically or socially
  • (s) having characteristics not shared by others
  • (r) separated or at a distance in place or position or time
  • (r) not taken into account or excluded from consideration
  • (r) away from another or others
  • (r) placed or kept separate and distinct as for a purpose
  • (r) one from the other
  • (r) into parts or pieces

apart in News

  1. Emery says mental health unit apart from jail doesn’t make sense

    BLOOMINGTON — The notion that McLean County should construct a mental health unit apart from the existing jail does not make sense from a fiscal or safety point o f view, county officials said Tuesday.
    on June 12, 2013 Source: The Pantagraph

  2. 'The school started coming apart': Trapped students had nowhere to hide

    When the sirens began blaring and teachers at Plaza Towers Elementary School in Moore, Okla., heard that a monstrous tornado was roaring toward their 57-year-old school and its youngest students, there was nowhere to hide.They crouched in hallways and bathrooms, waiting, hoping and praying. Then "the school started coming apart," one neighbor who sought shelter at the school told the Associated ...
    on June 12, 2013 Source: MSNBC

  3. Thieves rip apart, rob Utah County ATMs

    Thieves rip apart, rob Utah County ATMs by Bob Mims The Salt Lake Tribune Published Jun 10, 2013 11:09AM MDT Utah County police were looking for two men suspected in at least two ATM robberies early Monday morning. Orem police Lt. Craig Martinez said the first crime occurred at 1:30 a.m. when the duo hooked up a pickup truck to the door of an ATM at the Alpine Credit Union, 1510 N. State Street ...
    on June 10, 2013 Source: The Salt Lake Tribune

a part in News

  1. Sheriff may use part of closed prison

    SPRINGFIELD — The mastermind of a proposal to start using a part of the recently shuttered Dwight Correctional Center says the plan could get rolling within the next 60 days.
    on June 13, 2013 Source: The Southern Illinoisan

  2. Conneaut's I-90 tourist office open part-time starting July 1

    The tourist information office inside the Interstate 90 rest area in Conneaut will be staffed with a part-time employee beginning next month, according to an Ohio Department of Transportation spokesman.
    on June 13, 2013 Source: Star Beacon

  3. Part of Northmoor Road to close for several months

    The reconstruction of a part of Northmoor Road will resume next week with a heavily traveled section of the North Peoria roadway closing to all but local traffic for several months.   Work on the stretch of Northmoor from Sheridan Road to University Street began last fall and was expected to resume with the closure of that part of the road in April, but a combination of inclement weather and a ...
    on June 13, 2013 Source: Peoria Journal Star

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