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People are able to do things, but things are not able to be done: you should not say, “the budget shortfall was able to be solved by selling brownies.”

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  1. Officials can handle two elections, lawyers for Christie argue

    Election officials will be able to administer both a special election to fill New Jersey’s vacant U.S. Senate seat and a general election for governor and the Legislature within three weeks of each other, lawyers for the Christie administration told the state Supreme Court on Tuesday.
    on June 19, 2013 Source: The Record

  2. Area police departments turn to cameras to find criminals amid ACLU criticism

    GRAPEVINE –– We're photographed more often than we know –– although, by now, Philip Maloney usually knows.  He's got several mugshots. He got a brand new one Friday night when he drove to Grapevine Mills Mall in a stolen SUV.  A camera photographed his license plate on the way in, a computer sent a signal to police, and officers were waiting when he came out.  "We've been able to come across a ...
    on June 19, 2013 Source: WFAA Dallas-Fort Worth

  3. Maine House approves bill to extend reach of dental hygienists

    Dental hygiene therapists would be able to do more procedures, such as filling cavities and pulling teeth, which only dentists now do.
    on June 19, 2013 Source: Morning Sentinel

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